a mission we have dreamt of…

From The Ground Up is devoted to producing purposeful and visionary collaborative works. Committed to projects that foster growth, improved communications and understanding; we strive to thoughtfully inspire and support global conversations that raise awareness and positive development.

our story…

In November of 2006, our founder sat on her guest house floor in the San Fernando Valley, determined to ‘find another way’. And so, it was on that floor that the beginning constructs of From The Ground Up’s design were born.

Years later, it’s this same determination that keeps driving our team forward. But today, we’re making time to catch the view of the sunset over the Pacific each night; taking a deep breath in for just how far we’ve come, while acknowledging how much further still we have to go.

Yet through it all, remaining steadfast to the truth that has always remained our anchor…

There is but one way for us to build something of value.

And our way, is from the ground up.

retrace the beginnings…

As a young girl growing up in the Catskills of New York, our Founder and Creative Director Jennifer Cetrone, spent much of her childhood escaping into the shows she would cast and produce in her small town. So, as her LA based company began to gain traction in 2007, she resolved to extend this new ‘family’ back to where she was born and raised.

In 2008, an east coast chapter of From The Ground Up was inaugurated, securing our position as a truly “bicoastal” production company.

In tandem with From The Ground Up’s creative achievements, independently, Cetrone was encountering measurable success executing large scale productions for several Fortune 500 companies.

So in 2009, the corporate extension of From The Ground Up emerged. The brainwork supporting this convergence hinged upon an innovative concept that remains unparalleled. Why not bring the best of two worlds together? While the status quo of boutique agencies and quality production may dictate a standard of two separate channels seldom experiencing crossover, wouldn’t both benefit from holding hands?

If ever there were an organization qualified for the challenge, From The Ground Up was at the front of the line.

Today we thoroughly adhere to the notion that be it a brand we believe in, or a work of art, all can and shall reap the benefits. Authentic enhancements arise daily, as a direct result of our unwavering commitment and belief in the power of our company’s unique vision and model.

Which just goes to show that remaining true to your beliefs in what is good, fair and enduring is possible. And not only is it possible, but amazing transformations can occur – in respect to both business and the human spirit.

As we travel on…